Pupil’s Comments

About a year ago I started on my quest to learn to drive, at forty three with an aged memory and “you cant teach and old dog new tricks” attitude, this was a very scary outlook.
Giles came very highly recommended through friends and colleagues who had all passed with Giles help.
I remember being so nervous but I needn’t have worried as Giles with his easy manner soon put me at ease. What an adventure it became, there were downs but so many more ups, I think Giles has the patience of a saint, as I would of kicked me out of the car at lesson two, but he encouraged me to keep going.
There were times when I would put my head in my hands and despair at myself, wanting to give up, Giles just kept giving me the tools and guidance to carry on.
Before I knew it I was loving every minute of it, and here I am now with a pink licence and all the freedom that comes with it.
Learning to drive with “Miles with Giles” has given me thousands of miles to enjoy in the future.
Giles I cant thank you enough, not only for teaching me to drive, for giving me self belief and changing my life.
Giles thank you again best wishes from
Sarah-Jane Norman
 I was a late starter and had the challenge of learning to drive at the age of 50 – I have spent a lifetime of avoiding the need to drive – I had a real driving phobia!  Giles came highly recommended when I could no longer avoid doing it. Giles was very patient and gave me the push that I needed – if I had my way I probably be still be up Mullacott driving around in first and second gear but every lesson Giles tried to push me out of my comfort zone and now I am very grateful for that push I needed.
I could have given up so many times but Giles gave me the encouragement  to keep going and I am so very pleased that he didn’t give up on me!
Not quite sure how I did it but I passed first time and am now starting to reap the benefits of all that hard work Giles put into getting me over my phobia.
I would not hesitate in recommending Giles to others and especially those with a real driving phobia as Giles has the patience of a saint and gives you all the right guidance to pass your test.
I will never be able to thank Giles enough for getting me through the hardest thing I ever done but he managed it!
So a BIG thank you and also for all those therapy sessions disguised as driving lessons!
All the best
Leslie Cleave